Marie-France from Angers, France

Jolie titre... tu réussis toujours à m'é repense à Basile sur ce genre de serait fan... bonne journée Sue Ann !*****

24 Nov 2014 8:27am

Ellebelle from Mosquito Town, Netherlands

Superb tones and the zipper stands out beautifully!

24 Nov 2014 9:35am

oldshutterhand from Bamberg, Germany

Very well composed abstaction.

24 Nov 2014 10:07am

Shiva from Berwick, Canada

Beautiful composition, Ellen -- the color is superb and the zipper captures the eye .......
Kindest regards Monika

24 Nov 2014 12:07pm

Lougris from Toulouse, France

Original et quelque peu mystérieux... :)

24 Nov 2014 12:48pm


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